About Us

Nahid Tayebi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1971. She studied Bachelor of Arts at the faculty of Handicraft Art in Tehran and graduated in 1993 from Sureh University in Tehran. Since then she has been teaching pottery in Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran, Italian school and French school in Tehran.

She has experience of teaching Pottery, Relief and Sculpture Arts in her own and Shirazi Art gallery since 1993.

She has taken part in tens of solo and group exhibitions in Sabz Gallery, Naghsh e Jahan Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shirazi Art Gallery, Embassy of France and Biennial Sculptors in Tehran.

She had private exhibition in Vancouver, Canada- San Francisco, America and Florence & Rome, Italy.

To support Iranian Artist women she was involved within group exhibitions.

She also received Certificate of Appreciation from Iran Biennial Exhibition of Sculptors and Shirazi Art Gallery.

Currently she works as Executive manager and instructing the pottery Art in Shirazi Art Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. She also has been working in Clay and Me since 2018.